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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 25, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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thieves. damian joins us live. >> reporter: i've seen the numbers, andhey do not look pretty. the burglaries and car thefts in san jose are costing those victims a lot of money. tens of millions of dollars. and now there is another fear potentially, rising insurance premiums. this is a man al schultz says stole his package last week, right in front of his porch. the suspect was caught on surveillance video. >> it does make you feel violated, because this is your front door. and my neighbors have had the same problem. >> reporter: last year there were 27,000 property crimes in san jose, from home burglaries to car thefts. the net financial loss to victims of those crimes more than $76 million, according to police records. that's up roughly 30% from 2010. >> we are understanding of the police coverage problems, and to them, this is small potatoes. to us, it's not small potatoes.
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>> now many victims fear their insurance premiums might also go up with all the property crimes. san jose state professor tom means says it's simple economics. >> so in the aggregate, if there is a structural increase in these types of crimes and so forth, then insurance rates will go up. for any particular company, maybe some will go up and some will go down relative to others. but this the aggregate, the rates have to go up. >> reporter: professor means says insurance companies make decision on premiums independently. so some homeowners may see the premiums go up, while others might not. and when you look at those crime numbers over the last ten years, you'll see that the crime trends seem to fluctuate. when property crimes go up, violent crimes seems to be going up. when violent crimes go up, property crimes seem to be going down. live at police headquarters, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. more details on that very point. in the first six months of the year san jose had just over 6,000 property crimes reported.
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that's more than a 10% drop from the first six months of last year with saw more than 13,000 property crimes. san jose police say crime tends to fluctuate, as damian said, from year to year. just in, all clear for san jose neighborhood after police interrupted a possible burglary. about two hours ago, police responded to a burglary in progress off ruby drive in the evergreen district. they spotted three people running from a home. that prompted police to lock down the neighborhood. officers found all three suspects. i want to show you. this high surf in the bay area brought in by the storm we had. and there is more on the way. there is a warning out that waves could get as high as 7 feet in some places this weekend. nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking it for us. and also that rainfall. do we have totals, jeff? >> yeah. it has been so impressive. i wanted to again start off just in case you missed this in the 5:00 show with the area that has been impacted probably by the least amount of rainfall over the past two years, and that is the south bay, the santa clara
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valley, which actually, as you can see in our weather underground, rainfall network picked up some substantial totals. at least considering what we have not had. you can see here across blossom hill, .15. downtown .48. los gatos with .62. it even continued right up into san francisco. you can see some wide varying totals here. as you got closer to the immediate coastline right along the embarcadero, the presidio with .44 and north beach also coming in with .39. as we take a look at our sky camera network, yes, of course, it was rainy. it was stormy. it was cloudy this morning. back here in san francisco, but as you can see, we did get some blue sky in here this afternoon. don't let your guard down. we're still tracking this blood alcohol level area of low pressure. we'll have details on thoung could keep some isolated showers around in that full forecast. >> okay, thanks, jeff. bay area commuters are bracing for a traffic headache. live pictures of the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. two roadways expecting to feel the impact from tomorrow's
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strike by ferry captains. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at the larksbury terminal. a lot of people have to find a way to sfwet ininto the city to >> you better have a backup plan. a one-day strike has been announced. the district is posting up these flyers to let folks know there will be no ferry service tomorrow. >> san francisco, over here. >> reporter: in just a few hours, ferry riders will hear the very last call to hop aboard a golden gate bridge district ferry until saturday. today fed upperry captains announced their launching a last-minute one-day strike. >> none of these unions want to be on a picket line. no one wants to impact commuters. but the district's really not negotiating good faith in this circumstance. and therefore, this is kind of a last resort that happens. >> reporter: ferry boat captains say they have been working without a contract since july,
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and accuse the district of bargaining in bad faith. but the district says not true. insisting its captains are the highest paid in the bay area. >> we appreciate how people are interested in seeing more. all of us would like more. but we do have to strike a balance between our rate payers who pay tolls, who pay the ferry tolls and the bus fares and our employees. and that's what we're striving to do. >> reporter: tonight the district is scrambling to notify riders the ferries won't be running tomorrow, including the giants ferry. those taking the ferry into the game tonight feel they dodged a bullet. >> it's so much easier. you don't have to deal with traffic, parking, all that. and you can hang out, have a good time and then come in on the ferry. >> reporter: but those who will be grounded tomorrow aren't happy at all. they're frustrated. >> greedy hands are getting greedy. >> reporter: we're back here live where you can see the district has posted up flyers, notices at the ticket station. again, there will be no ferry service tomorrow. the district is urging folks to
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either take the bus, telecommute or ride share. reporting live in larkspur, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi. more questions than answer tonight surrounding the deaths of two people in mountain view. investigators say they were found inside of an apartment unit after that complex was evacuated because of a toxic smell. the complex is on california avenue. michelle, neighbors are back, but they have been told by police they need to take some precautions. >> reporter: absolutely. this is still a very active investigation by police tonight. the good news is what they are saying, it is safe for people to go back inside. they were let in at about 8:00 this morning. but with a warning from fire officials. they have a posted sign on the front door saying that you want to clean everything down, throw away some food and open the window to let air in and air out the toxic chemicals. the question tonight, what were those chemicals doing anyway. mountain view police are trying to figure out a what happened in
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apartment 17 where two people were found dead inside. officers kicked down the door during an evacuation of the complex on california street. >> it's a little bit scary having it that close to where you live. >> reporter: darryl smith is the president of the homeowners association. he says around dinnertime last night, someone called 911 to report an odd smell in the area. >> it wasn't a gas type of smell. it was more sulfur, more like eggs. >> reporter: police now say sulfate dioxide and hydrogen sulfide were detected in the air at extremely dangerous levels. >> the officers were clearing folks. and as they continued to do so, the odor was getting stronger and stronger. >> reporter: hazmat crews were called to the scene after four officers were sickened by this toxic gas. police aren't saying what the chemicals were being used for or how the two people died. >> i can't even comment whether it was suspicious in nature. it's unusual, of course, to have that sort of odor and then obviously find two victims. >> neighbors were allowed back
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into their apartments this morning after officials say the chemical levels were safe. but as a precaution, everyone is asked to open windows and wipe down every surface inside. >> if you have any containers that are not airtight, say, for example, a salt and pepper shaker, clean it out. >> reporter: a neighbor told me that he saw a note posted on the front door of unit 17 yesterday. police say it was not a suicide note, but they won't give us any information about what that message said. as for the victims, police are not release anything details about who they are. reporting live in mountain view, michelle robert, nbc bay area news. >> okay. well, let's talk about baseball. the giants won without even taking the field. the milwaukee brewers lost a game today. that gave the giants a wild card spot in this year's play-offs. >> all this comes as the giants are about to take the field at at&t park for a game against the padres. geraud moncure live at at&t park for us. geraud?
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>> hi, jess. they have a saying about play-off baseball. it doesn't matter how you get in as listening as you get in. that's what the giants have done. with milwaukee's loss earlier today to cincinnati, the giants are now in the national league wild card play-off game on wednesday against either the pirates or possibly the cardinals. now if you're in a sports fan, i want have something i want to show you right here. 2014 could be a magical play-off year for the giants that favors that orange and black. in 2010 they went on to win the world series. 2011, no play-off appearance. in 2012, they get in as a wild card and win the whole thing. last season, no play-offs. and here they are with a shot in 2014's postseason. >> it's nice. in fact, it was a day game. so we know now. but no, i was excited. but more excited for all these guys out there. they've had a tough week. something like this can lift their spirits. in fact, this is done and it helps relax some guys, great. but they worked hard.
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and they're one of 12 teams standing. i told them congrats and what a great job they have done. >> yusmeiro pettitte against andrew cashner on the hill tonight. we'll have more on tonight's ball game coming up later in sports. report living from at&t park, geraud moncure, nbc bay area. back to you guys. >> see you in a bit. thanks, geraud. under fire again, san francisco threatens to shut down car ride sharing services. up next, the reason for the threat. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. after that much needed morning rainfall, blue sky back in san jose, and even some sunshine in san francisco. but check it out on the radar. not only ae)kñ few areas of sho, but a couple of lightning strikes. we'll talk about our possibilities of more rainfall in just a few minutes.
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san francisco's embattled fire chief is getting support tonight at a meeting of the city's fire commission.
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it has ban rough week for chief joanne hayswhite. on tuesday a letter asking to have her replaced. nbc bay area's mark matthews is with hayes-white's supporters who are now having their say. >> reporter: a long line of city department heads and community organization leaders and activists lined up to praise the fire chief. >> and the folks on the line have to know that we have their best interests at heart. so i know that that's the case for chief hayes-white. >> reporter: on tuesday, chief joanne hayes-white says the problem she has with her department's rank and file probably stems from the disciplinary measures she's had to take to professionalize the department. today she repeated that. >> and i've had to make some tough calls related to discipline. >> reporter: but the head of the firefighters local union says he was shocked to hear that reasoning. >> discipline has nothing to do with our concerns. >> reporter: the union's president says the primary concern is over ambulance response times. the union expressed the concerns in a letter presented to the mayor yesterday.
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>> the mayor was very receptive. the mayor understands the frustration the firefighters have. >> reporter: o'conner says the mayor was also impressed by the letter was signed by every employee group in the fire department. >> it was the asian firefighters, the black firefighters association, the united fire servicewomen, our new lgbt group, sf rescue. >> reporter: i caught up with the mayor today and asked him about his decision with regard to joanne hayes-white. and he said he will not discuss personnel matters in public. but he is going to meet with the firefighters and talk about their grievances. reporting from the fire department headquarters here in san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, mark. just in, ride share services under fire again tonight. this time the heat coming from the district attorneys of san francisco and los angeles. the two das teamed up to send a letter to uber lift and sidecar. they warned if the companies don't make changes legal action will follow. they said the three companies
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don't check their drivers' complete criminal history, don't calculate fares legally, don't follow weights and measures and don't have a license to pick up or drop off people at the airport. uber and lift have yet to comment, but sidecar says it disagrees with the letter and has no plans to make any changes. >> reporter: who the winner might be of massive lottery jackpot. so far no one has come forward to claim the 225 powerball prize won in last night's drawing. the only winning ticket was sold at key market in san mateo. store owners will receive $1 million for simply selling that winning ticket. the bay area has now seen three huge lottery jackpots in less than a year. last november a san jose store sold a winning ticket, and in february, a $425 million winning ticket was sold in milpitas. a victory lap today, or in this case rode a victory wave after a judge ruled they can have martins beach back. nbc bay area's nannette miranda joins us live just south of half moon bay where people who have
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been fighting for the beach showed up and forced today to celebrate. nanette? >> reporter: well, it's been an absolutely gorgeous day, as you can see behind me. the access gate is still up. maybe because the owner hasn't decided yet whether to appeal the ruling. but for now going beyond is legal, and not considered trespassing. >> we got a beach back! >> we got a beach back. >> reporter: news that a judge is forcing this access gate to martins beach to come down excited the mcniven brothers who are cycling from san francisco to mexico. they decided to stop here because they never could. >> we've always wanted to come to this beach for the last six years, but it's been closed. but now it's open. >> yeah! freedom ring, baby. >> reporter: billionaire lost his bid to block access to martins beach after the surf rider foundation sued. the venture capitalist brought the 53 acre property for $32.5 million and decided it was too costly to maintain and carry liability insurance. but the ruling says cutting off public access was illegal because he didn't get a permit.
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stopping what could be a trend. >> every billionaire can come in to california and buy property, and then shut us all out. >> i'm so tempted to go. but on the other hand, i might -- i'm just passing. >> reporter: the gate is still up, leaving many visitors to wonder whether they can see the pristine sands of martin beach. but with the law on their side, many just ignored it and took in the beauty of this beach. >> it's been a long time coming. coastal access is something that surfer, environmentalists, people that just on the coast feel really adamant about. it's important for everyone to share that for future generations. >> reporter: now the judge waived the $15,000 a fine for every day that the access gate is still up. we reached out to the attorney, but they have not responded. and as you can see, a private resident is going into the gate right now. live in martins beach, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, nanette. if you are heading to the beach, watch out for some surf conditions.
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some dangerous surf conditions. >> that's right, janelle. you can see in our weather underground sky camera network back here behind me, point reyes is a looking absolutely beautiful. but your eyes probably go right towards the water. you can see the whitecaps building up. that's from waves that are now topping 7 feet at this point. let's go ahead and take you into the current readings. and you can see winds not overly gusty. 10 to about 15 miles per hour from our buoy reports. but wave heights up to 9 feet along the northern coastline and very similar here off to the south. water temperatures are going to be tempting even through tomorrow with 67 degrees. but think twice, even experienced swimmers and surfers before you head into that water. all right. well didn't get that much needed rainfall that morning. the main branch of the storm system has moved way, way off towards the east. but we still have an upper-level area of low pressure that is producing some scattered showers and lightning strikes to the north. and that's where we're going to get our chance for some showers in the next 24 hours. take you outside of the skyc camera network. and besides the dangerous surf, you really don't have too much
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to worry about. you can see on the sky camera network slick roads and 71, check it out back towards pacifica, blue sky, a little bit of cloud cover. not looking too bad. san jose, 70 and sunshine. let's get you into tomorrow's forecast and the particulars. we did mention that possibility of some showers. and what you're going to see here is everyone, except for the tri-valley, will have at least a slight chance of showers. i think the best possibility of that would be happening in the morning hours. and you can see the highest risk would be up into the north bay also, a 65% chance here for the peninsula. and a 60% chance for a stray shower in the morning hours as well. after that, we begin to clear out as we look ahead towards the weekend forecast saturday, looking spectacular. we've got low 80s in the south bay, san francisco low 70s. and for the tri-valley, low 80s. by sunday's forecast, just a little bit warmer. you can see from the south bay, 84 and sunny skies. and as many of you know, nbc bay
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area and the san francisco 49ers. brand-new partners. for that kickoff at 125 at levi's stadium. 82 degrees and mostly sunny skies. looks like another great forecast at the game. i wonder if the folks that used to go on to candlestick all the time are enjoying this balmier weather. >> i'm sure. quite the change. thank you so much, jeff. still ahead, watching the water. what scientists are learning outside the golden gate bridge and how it's helping one of the ocean's largest animals. plus, a large high-speed chase end with a crash at san francisco's financial district. why police say they had to open fire on the man behind the wheel.
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behind schedule, but making progress. that's the gist of an update from caltrans today regarding the old span of the bay bridge. i want to give you a look at the span. crews are nearly a year behind schedule. now worker is on track to be
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completed by 2016, instead -- 2018, pardon me, rather than 2016. caltrans leaders say demolition is just a painstaking process. the bridge needs to be taken down piece by piece, section by section. and crews need to work around wildlife regulations. the birds that caltrans have been trying to lure to the new span, they're not cooperating. they're not moving. despite nets and spikes, the birds seem to enjoy the old span. the challenge of counting whales is no easy task. but for those who do, the science is more like an art set against the vast backdrop of the pacific ocean. new at 6:00, nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. takes us on board an unusual expedition. >> reporter: western gull zone 1-2. >> we're all ready. >> reporter: it's one thing for scientists to talk about the health of our oceans. it's another thing to actually set eyes on them.
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>> this way along shore currents. >> reporter: this week a boatload of researchers -- >> what are you doing? it's pretty good. >> reporter: headed into the pacific outside the golden gate to put their fingers on the ocean's pulse. >> well, we are on transit, we look for birds and mammals. >> reporter: for ten years, the team, which includes scientists from noaa and point blue conservation has turned the ocean into a floating laboratory. taking a small snapshot of how the water and its inhabitants have changed from year to year. >> we get water samples to look for nutrients. >> reporter: the team deploys special nets to the depths, gathering samples of criminal and plankton. >> criminal is an important prey in this area for whales. look at that. >> there is criminal there and there and there. very few. >> reporter: but aside from the high-tech gizmos, the main research tools are purely old school. >> animal, by eye.
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>> one zone 2 water. >> our primary focus is abundance in distribution in birds and mammals. >> one, zone two water. >> reporter: the group logs each sea bird, each mammal, and every boat. >> three boats. did you already give me those? >> reporter: taking in a large sun fish lingering at the surface. >> we don't see those all the time. >> reporter: and occasionally -- >> there is a bridging whale. >> one whale sighting. >> a whale that is jumping on the water. >> reporter: the research boat tails a humpback whale, first recorded in 1987. >> the number of whales the last few years is a number of times greater than when we started. >> reporter: then a role reversal of sorts as a pair of killer whales come in to take a closer look at the researchers. in june, the group's data helped the coast guard redirect commercial shipping lanes away from the route of migrating whales. >> the research that we do tries
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to inform management of the sanctuaries. >> reporter: the count is a small drop in the bucket of time. >> bearing. >> reporter: helping to paint a picture. >> there again. >> reporter: that is anything but a still life. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> well, up next here at 6:00, lessons learned from the napa earthquake. the damage inspectors found inside the schools. and what that could mean for all bay area schools. a terror plot uncovered to bomb u.s. subways. why this reported plot may not be what it seems. also -- >> and a carjacking and pursuit ends in san francisco's financial with one man being shot and wrbykilled. coming up, hear from san francisco police about why they had to open fire. plus, hear from the woman who was carjacked. that story coming up. ...we need to break up.
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a wild high-speed chase end in a crash and the death of a carjacker shot by police officers. that chase spanned more than an hour and went through three bay area counties. it started in richmond, went across the san rafael bridge, went down 101 through marin, and then on to san francisco streets. the suspect crashed at california and battery in the financial district. that's where christie smith is live tonight. you actually spoke to the woman who was carjacked. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and as you can imagine, she is
6:30 pm
very shaken up tonight. she said that this man opened her car door and actually wanted her to drive away with him. instead she jumped out of the car. she says he got in. he took off. the next thing she knew, it ended here in san francisco in gunfire. >> this guy is going to kill me. and i like my kid are inside. >> reporter: olga doesn't want her face shown. she was confronted by a carjacker this morning in richmond on her way to the gym. >> the man, he opened my passenger car seat and he told me to drive off. he pull a gun at me. and i started screaming. i said no. he was reaching over at me. so i jumped out of my truck and i started screaming. >> reporter: she says she didn't recognize him. she got away, but her cadillac suv was stolen. the man led police on a chase over the richmond, san rafael, and golden gate ridge bridges. and police say they lost sight of the car in san francisco's financial district. then he crashed.
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>> witnesses that when they went to the aid, the good samaritans went to the aid of the suspect who was stuck in the windshield part of the car, he fired upon the good samaritans. one of the good samaritans was struck with some sort of shrapnel or fragment in his chest. he'll be fine. although shaken. >> reporter: police say they requested less than lethal weapons and ordered him several times to put the gun down, but he didn't. fearing for their lives, they opened fire. >> it's more terrifying to me knowing that he could have shot me. >> reporter: now the officers who opened fire will be placed on paid administrative leave. i asked olga if she thought there was anything unusual, anything that stood out about the man, an she said that's the thing. in her words, he seemed normal. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. attorney general eric holder announced his resignation today at the white house.
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holder is the first african american to hold the post and one of the three remaining members of president obama's original cabinet. holder was a frequent target of conservative critics, but president obama had nothing but the highest praise for him. today the president called him the people's lawyer and congratulated him for a superb job prosecuting terror suspects, reducing crime, and making civil rights strides. after today's announcement, there was speculation that california attorney general kamala harris could be considered for the job, but she waved that off saying i'm honored to even be mentioned, but intend to continue my work for the people of california as attorney general. iraq's prime minister announced that he believes isis is plotting an attack on subway systems in the u.s. and france. the prime minister claims he learned of the plan from captured militants in iraq. however, u.s. security leaders say they have not been able to verify any such threat. in fact, numerous sources say u.s. intelligence has no credible evidence of any isis plots here in the u.s. the u.s. will say that they
6:33 pm
estimate about a dozen isis fighters with american passports have likely returned to the states, but it's hard to track their intentions. so far no reports of any injuries or major damage after a 6.2 earthquake struck alaska earlier today. the epicenter was about 80 miles northwest of anchorage, but the shaking could be felt as far as seattle, washington. nbc cameras were at a political event in anchorage and captured the moment the tremors first struck. you can see people walking orderly and evacuating the building. and at one school, students took shelter beneath their desks. it has been a month since our own earthquake jolted napa awake in the middle of the night, causing significant devastation. but what would have happened if that earthquake struck this the middle of the day when the kid were in school, like they were in alaska? instructors found out soon after the ground shook. and what they found in the clams may give all administrators, parents cause for concern. in tonight's class action.
6:34 pm
>> i know it's very scary, okay? i know, i know. >> reporter: live and landmarks were forever altered that sunday morning. >> it seemed like it was an earthquake. all the power went out. >> do you see flames? >> i just need somebody to be here. >> reporter: the city of napa fires erupted, streets buckled, and old facades downtown crumbles. >> the lights are completely off and i was woken up. >> okay, ma'am. we had an earthquake. anyone injured there? >> reporter: but a mile away the historic napa high school sustained no structural damage, even though it was built in the 1920s. it turns out despite the earth's roaring, none of napa unified's 30 schools suffered any structural damage. >> that's the real testament to how well schools were built. what was dramatic and hard to see was the content, what happened inside the classrooms. >> the still photos showed
6:35 pm
debris littered across the classroom floor. causing cleanup to be sure. but also some expert says an alarming indicator of troubling problems. overheadlights fell to the floor. >> some of them were not built the way they were designed. >> reporter: bookshelves toppled and blocked exits. >> you want to leave quickly and suddenly a bookcase falls and blocks the exit. >> a file cabinet lurches forward on to a desk. >> it was pretty dramatic. >> reporter: mark is an architect who works with the napa unified school district. he was one of nine inspectors who walked through schools after the earthquake. >> we have bookcases, teacher cabinets, upper cabinets. we saw a number of those that fell off because they weren't at all or properly braced to the wall. in some cases, no question they would have fallen and injured a student if they hit them. >> reporter: at pueblo vista elementary, the biggest danger came from above. >> when i walked into the first couple classrooms, i realized what we had was a complete
6:36 pm
failure with the suspension system of the light fixtures themselves. >> reporter: the lights in 13 classrooms have been removed for safety. wires still hang interest the ceiling, and four weeks after the earthquake, only window provide light for learning. >> the projector was hanging here. >> reporter: some projectors have been removed too. the bolt to the ceiling wasn't enough to keep them in place. and in yet another room, the projector held up by six bolts remained safe and it's still in use. >> it's a learning lesson i think for us and that we recommend to all school districts that they talk with their inspectors. >> reporter: at napa valley unified and school districts across the bay area grapple with the repercussions of the quake, one simple truth remains. >> we were so lucky. this happened at three income the morning on a sunday. and let's not lose the gift that that has given us. >> reporter: in fact, we were very lucky. as things stand right now, any cabinet less than six feet tall
6:37 pm
that is brought into a classroom technically doesn't have to be bolted. the state does recommend they be secured, but it's not required. and right now there is also no safety zone around class exits either. but the photos that you just saw raise the question as to why. and what happens when the next earthquake hits. napa valley unified now says it is considering a safety zone around its exits. we'll keep you posted as to what happens. still ahead at 6:00, going online to get a point across. the new tactic to urge the niners to make a different call on one of their players under investigation. and then inside the factory. apple lets us in for a sneak peek as complaints grow over the bending of the new iphone.
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apple's dismal day took a big bite oout of the stock market. apple slid more than 3% as the company deals with backlash from the new products. the dow fell 264, the largest loss in two months. now some users say that apple's new ios software has some issues. the company is also learning that one of the iphone 6 models is prone to bending in your back pocket. today's twist in the bending saga, apple responds to its critics. it allowed a cnbc crew into its lab for testing. it received nine complaints about bending of iphones and calls the iphone 6 the most rigorously tested product in its history. it argues the bending controversy is a stretch and blown out of proportion. one of our nation's top cops
6:41 pm
says apple is making detective work even harder. fbi director james comb my is taking an issue with encrypting data and make it inaccessible to authorities. immediate access to a phone's authority could help in child kidnapping cases and terrorism. google's phones have included the optional encryption for years but now will be automatically turned on. jeff was excited when he woke up and saw all that rain he had been talk about. >> i think i woke up three or four times last night. >> to listen to it. >> to hear it in the gutter. >> it's nice. i know. it's been a long time for the south bay, but we finally did pick up rain drops. it's dry in san francisco now, but we're going to talk about another chance for showers in the next 24 hours in just a few minutes. plus, from fire to rain, how the storm helped crews fight the fire near pollock pines.
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more pressure on jed york over the way he is handling the domestic violence situation of one of his players. a group known as credo has launched an online campaign to try to force york to bench ray mcdonald. the team continues the allow mcdonald to play and practice while being investigated for a domestic violence incident. in addition to running ads on facebook, credo is asking people to sign a petition calling on the niners and the nfl to adopt a zero tolerance policy toward violence against women. so far nearly 48,000 people have signed this petition. well, some relief for firefighters tonight in the sierra nevada foothills. rain poured down the hillsides and through the burn zone of that king fire. firefighters used their windshield wipers in fact today for the first time. according to cal fire, thousands of firefighters are still on the line there's in el dorado county. they want to make sure they have the upper hand on the blaze. crews say wet weather may bring up the humidity and finally help
6:45 pm
them bring down those flames. now firefighters from the bay area and around the country have been battling that stubborn fire. and as of this evening, flames have blackened nearly 100,000 acres. it's tonight's reality check, sam brock looks at how the king fire compares to other wildfires in california. >> reporter: since the king fire's flames first ig. ed on september 13th, we have seen the wildfire burn through tens of thousands of acres, populate news headlines across the country, and earn the designation the most destructive wildfire of the season. but is this wildfire historical by california standards? in short, no. as of thursday morning, the king fire scorched roughly 95,000 acres of land. that doesn't even put it in california's top 20 largest wildfires, a list kept by cal fire that has the cedar fire of 2003 on top at 273,000 acres burned. the voracious rim fire of last summer clocks in third on the
6:46 pm
list, 257,000 acres, or a little less than three times the size of the king fire. if you wanted to look at this from a different perspective, the most destructive fires measured by structures burned, the king of that list is the oakland hills fire of 1991 when 2900 structures burned to the ground. the king fire has decimated dozens, not thousands of structures to date. but the size and impact of the current wildfire could mushroom significantly. we have no way of predicting how long it will take to extinguish, and what will happen up until then. the most concerning thing about the king fire is that it still threatens more than 10,000 homes. if the wind picks up or weather conditions change in another way, this wildfire could quickly and tragically become a record-setter. i'm sam brock, and that's tonight's reality check. >> that oakland firestorm deadly for firefighters as well. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. we're talking about the rain. they benefitted up there in el dorado county. but certainly we're benefitting down here. >> yeah, just a few rain drops.
6:47 pm
great news for the south bay, the peninsula and the north bay, helping to increase our humidity and at least take that fire threat down for the next 72 hours. south bay needed that rainfall desperately. and again this morning, san jose airport picking up .31. that's the most rainfall we have seen in san jose airports since march 31st. so, again, finally getting some wet weather here. you can see we still are tracking a feature here in the atmosphere. it's an upper-level area of low pressure. it's not very strong. but as the core of the storm continues to get closer, we'll find the risk of a few isolated showers and a few lightning strikes as we head around the forecast for tomorrow. we're going to have details on that coming up. i do want to take you outside of the sky camera network right now and we have the cloud cover continuing to build in the north bay, also for san francisco and the east bay. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s with the south bay clearing out the most with continued blue sky. at least right now. that sun setting, looking pretty gorgeous for tonight. all right. let's go ahead and get you into the forecast. you can see on the futurecast,
6:48 pm
8:00 tonight, we're not looking at anything major here across the bay area. once again, clearing skies. but as that upper-level low pressure we highlighted earlier begins to get closer as we head throughout tomorrow morning, it's not much, but you can see at 4:00 a.m. a few spotty showers are likely here, again, for the early commuters who might see a few areas of spotty showers linger for the south bay and peninsula through 9:00 p.m. then after that, we will have a clearing picture for friday. temperatures will go a little bit warmer. and i think you're all going to really love this forecast we have coming for you. let's take a look at the microclimate numbers as we head throughout friday. 77 expected in san jose. and again, we do have the shower icon on here. but it's mainly for the early morning hours. after that, you get those sunny skies. saratoga, 79 degrees. morgan hill, 78. and for the peninsula, slight chance of showers in palo alto and 77. and for foster city, 73. most sf in the 60s, right near the marina, the golden gauge bridge. i don't know. maybe you're headed towards seem map. a chance of a shower there in the morning. by the afternoon 70 with sun.
6:49 pm
we'll take you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. napa, 79 degrees. sausalito cool were a bay breeze and 72. and you can see for oakland 73 degrees, while walnut creek should pop up to 80 degrees. so it is going to be hotter. but that's not uncomfortable. still looking pretty good. and for tri-valley we have 80 in danville and 79 expected in pleasanton. let's fast forward things and get you right into the weekend. i know on thursday you're just thinking about that saturday. most likely. all right, 82 degrees. i am. all right. and mainly sunny skies. san francisco 71. and for tri-valley, 83 degrees. by sunday, we'll get some additional clearing in here. 84 expected in the south bay and sunny skies and for the tri-valley, finally no 90s in the forecast. we've got 86 degrees. there is a new resident of the east bay, i must say. i like the hot weather, but i'm very happy this week it's not going to go into the 90s. sometimes it's too warm for too
6:50 pm
long. i like this in between weather. >> it looks perfect, jeff. >> take me a little bit of time. >> thanks. giants taking the field tonight, knowing they will be in the postseason. but they're still fighting for the home field advantage. geraud moncure joins us live from at&t park, next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
the giants have done it. they have clinched a wild card spot. geraud moncure is at at&t park where they're taking on san diego. >> the first of four against the padres at at&t park. yusmeiro pettitte on the hill against andrew cashner as the
6:53 pm
giants turn their attention to trying to get that wild card game played right here at at&t park. let's show you how they got into the postseason. it happened earlier today at cincinnati. brewers against the reds. a must-win for the brew crew to stay alive in the wild card. reds up a run. brandon phillips launchings a two run homer to left and the reds take a 5-3 lead. so in the ninth inning, milwaukee's final opportunity. chapman gets jean segura to ground out and cincinnati wins, 5-3, eliminating the brewers. after they led the nl central for most of the year. so the giants are in the postseason as they hold the second spot in the wild card race. right now. g-men need to end the season with a better record than the pirates for home field advantage in the do or die game since pittsburgh holds the tiebreaker in head to head matchups, 4-2. >> you're goal is to win the world series. and that dream is alive. that vision is alive. we fought hard for it. we fought through a lot of adversity. and, you know, the opportunity is beautiful.
6:54 pm
to me, you know, the opportunity to just jump into a one game, you know, all or nothing. it's what you live for as a competitor. a's and rangers as we speak. oakland's magic number to clinch a play-off birth is two. a's cannot capitalize. but they do lead right now in the sixth inning on an rbi bunt from geovany soto. all right. let's talk a little bit of football. 49ers defense against the toughest task they face to date this year as the philadelphia eagles pipeline offense comes to levi's stadium on sunday. head coach chip kelly and that spread offense rolling right now in the nfl. they lead the league in passing yards with qb nick foles, darren sproles and lesean mccoy. both have break away capabilities in the backfield. and overall the offense ranks sixth, average almost 34 points per game. >> we can't worry so much about what they do.
6:55 pm
we know, you know, what has been happening to us. and for us, it's important that we play a complete game. we play for 60 minutes all four quarters. so regardless if they are, you know, a great second half team, we have to be a complete football team on sunday. all right. derek carr still playing for his first rookie win as a quarterback in the nfl as the raiders continue to prep for the miami dolphins in london. silver and black have been across the big pond for four days now. so there should be no excuses for their wembley stadium date on sunday. >> i thought we had some good workout there. the weather was nice, nice and cool out there. guys were flying around. i think guys are settling into the time difference and getting adjusted. and we've had two pretty good days of work. >> all right. we're going to update the a's score for you right now. they are tied with texas down in arlington, 1-1. a game obviously the a's need to win. right here tonight, though, giants and padres, first of four as the regular season comes to a
6:56 pm
close with the g-men already in the postseason. we'll highlight some of that little celebration tonight at 11:00. reporting live from at&t park, geraud moncure, nbc bay area. back to you ladies. >> thanks, geraud. good news for the giants. a full half hour of bay area sports coverage catch comcast sports bay area tonight. stopping the spread of cancer in the study. the new strategy by stanford researchers. that's tonight after 11:00 after the season premier of parenthood. coming to a theater near you, drone footage. the government gave six companies and tv production companies to shoot by drone. the privileges come with a litany of limitations including the fact that drones can only be used during the day, and they have to fly under 400 feet in altitude. the operator also needs to have a pilot's license and be able to see the drone at all times. we don't need drones. we have sky comes. >> yes. we have sky comes and jeff who
6:57 pm
sees all. >> always looking. >> jeff, do you see any more rain in the future for us? >> a few showers possible as we head into the overnight hours that is a great question. you can see the cloud cover moving in towards san francisco. so for at&t park tonight, it's going to be cloudy and cool, what the san franciscans are use to out there at at&t park with temps in the 60s. chance of showers earl will i tomorrow morning. but after that, we get the sunshine. you can see for the south bay, we'll average 78 for tomorrow. tri-valley 79. san francisco downtown, 70 degrees. you want to look at the weekend, ladies? >> yes! >> bring it on. that is a disappointment. all right. here is something to cheer you up. you can see by this weekend we get our sunshine back. temperatures in the 80s for the south bay. low 70s and for the tri-valley, low to mid-80s. sunday in my opinion looks like the better day. a lot more widespread sunshine. just don't forget the spf. >> looks good. thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> thanks for watching. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> good night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
kim k. tackled, nearly crushed in the crowd. >> stop it! >> the serial star attacker who went after brad, will, and leo is back at it. >> what is wrong with you? george clooney's i-do d-day. the a-list guest list descends on venice, and so is "extra." >> all the details of the clooney wedding. we are your source for hollywood couples news, where we just spied sofia vergara and her ex-fiance. >> and derek jeter's


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